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Sofía Bianco
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
French 3 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang4 by Faeth-designUruguay Flag Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
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ASK? noup I stoped using it, tho you can ask me stuff in my tumblr :D
Furaffinity(tho I rarely log in -.-)

Hi there!, my name is Sofía and I'm 14 years old, I was born in Uruguay but I moved to The US.
I really love drawing, also I like writing, comics in special.
A thing you better know about me is that I change designs of my characters frequently

I'm learning how to improve my drawings. In the future I wish I could work in something related to art.. but as I don't know anyone who has done something like that... well I have no idea.... so if you are reeding this and you know anything that could help me I'll appreciate it (: I've actually been thinking of graphic design, animation or illustration but idk :B

I don't wanna write this a hundred times so:

You are not allowed to use my artwork or original stuff without my permission; for 'use' I mean; you can't trace, distribute unauthorized copies, claim as your own nor edit it & don't steal.

I'm not so sure where I found this, it was copied in a word document in a lost folder of my computer ;v;


Name: Sofía Bianco
Nickname: Sooff(b), sof, sofi,sofo, bianca...and more useless that my friends invented *v*
Age: 15
Born: 20 February 1999
Gender: Female
Relationship status: foreveralone.

Education/ Work

School: Los Maristas,Idejo
Highschool: Crandon, Mhs, and my next highschool will be BNhs
Work: None.


Eye color: skyblue
Height: 167cm/ 5'6"(actually5'5.9")
Body type: somewhat curvy I guess,
Natural haircolor: light brown
Dyed haircolor: not yet
Hairstyle: boob-length curly most of the time
Makeup: pf huh, concealer, eyeshadow(a tiny bit), mascara, eyeliner and eyebrows
Clothing style: jeans/shorts and any t-shirt with converse... shirts with nike shorts...etc,etc


Nationality: Uruguayan
Ethnicity: Latin/European ( my family came from europe not so long ago)
Recidence: USA
Places visited: Argentina, uruguay(all of it mostly), some caribbean islands( Grand cayman, jamaica,bahamas, virgin islands, cozumel...)
Languages : English, spanish


Living: Live with my mom, her spouse and my sis.
Siblings: little sister
Pets: Cat and a dog

Lifestyle & Hobbies

Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, tumblr, watching youtubers, animes
Collecting: eh, books? and awesome magnets and cd's
Music:soundtracks(WoW, Studio Ghibli movies and anime), slipknot, hollywood undead, the fray, imagine dragons, rhch(just some songs tho), maroon5, pendulum, plan three, royal republic, some skrillex, stone sour & three days grace
Books: Hunger games, maze runner, percy jackson, hush hush, harry potter,narnia,the perks of being a wallflower and many others
Series/Anime: A:TLAB, A:LOK, House MD, Pretty Little Liars, Ao No Exorcist, Fairy Tail,Free!,Fullmetal Alchemist,Kagerou Project,Naruto, Noragami,Shingeki no Kyojin,Soul Eater, Sword Art Online, 5cm per second, No.6, Kuroshitsuji, Black Rock Shooter, and maybe some more I dont recall
Religion/beliefs: reincarnation, and that there is a god...probably,
Drink/smoke/Drugs: nope(rarely)/ nope /nope ^^


☆ Colors: Coral, Turquoise, black, white and some shades of grey
☆ Animals: horses, dogs, foxess♥♥(there's one creeping on my backyard; a grey fox), cats, and big felines like cougars, jaguars and leopards, oscelots,snakes, geckos,pandas, ferrets, Great Kiskadee bird (venteveo)
☆ Bugs/small critters etc: Dragonflies, fireflies,ladybugs, some moths, butterflies and this beautiful "guitarrero"(Compsocerus violaceus) that can be found only in argentina, south of brasil and uruguay... maybe a little paraguay too.. it's awesome, it ain't scared of humans and it makes a beautiful sound guitar-like....Guitarrero-Flickr-SilvioTanaka by Sooffbtumblr mm54gdDxqp1rf9hn3o1 1280 by Sooffb
☆ Games: Skyrim, RE5/6, GTA 4& san andreas(my fav), bully, soul calibour 3, the sims,pepsiman(LaTameh)
☆ Movies: The Perks of being a wallflower, Spirited away♥, pirates of the caribbean, Zombieland
☆ Pokemon: The mew two movie(mew & mew two),Ivysaur, charizard,Pidgeot,pikachu, vulpix&ninetales,persian, arcanine,rapidash, cubone, lapras, vaporeon,espeon& umbreon, quilava, houndour&houndoom, entei, grovyle, swellow, lairon,
☆ Mlp: not really, but i like how vinyl scratches looks like and applejack too,
☆ Food: Pizza, wings,sushi, pasta, chivito, churros,empanadas, bbq( no,not the regular;flank steak, black pudding, cow chitterlings,sweetbread) oh oh I forgot!cow & chicken liver,chiken heart, cow tongue♥ (and more cow stuff you probably consider disgusting, our uruguayan cowboys gave us the best foods guys, we know how to not waste parts of the cow!)
 Candy: gummy bears,jelly beans, m&m, gummi worms, BELDENT chewing gum( no,not trident, this one is way fucking better), dulce de leche squares, bon o bon (best chocolate thingie ever made, you have to try it before you die, believe me), garrapiñada, mazapan, toblerone, ticholo & this peanut-like tasting candy, I need to ask LaTameh to help me out find the name
☆ Drinks: Coke, blue gatorade/powerade, mate & tea
☆ Fandom: too many to even bother to name them omg, mostly from anime/series/books mentioned before so go figure

Dislikes #

Food: cucumber, cow tripes, watermelon, melon,
Music: mexican cumbia. omg get them out of this world, I also don't enjoy argentinean cumbia villera but it's cool to dance to and all that so.
Candy: Trident chewing gum, GO DISAPPEAR. and liquorice, I can't stand it
Color: opposites together; yellow-purple, orange-bluc, red-green(unless christmas tho)
Animal: cockroaches,puddles, worms and millipedes, also those aweful flies, like the boring black ones that look like they are gona lay eggs on your food? yea those ones.

Bad habits: biting my lip to the point it bleeds, cracking my knucles, yelling. i freaking can't
Pet peeves: porteños. ( no offense, but most of them are anoying), brasilians in football(soccer I mean but it's called football where i'm from so suck it), anoying people, ass kissing, bodily hair, bodysmells, public bathrooms and people that leave a mess in them...
Phobias: closed spaces like elevators, mirrors, white lights that make that creepy sound, highschool..


Drawing programs: Paint tool SAI, Photoshop CS6
Tablet: Wacom Intuous 4 (small)
Traditional: Caran d'ache, pentel, uni pin fineliners, bic pens, faber castel soft grip pencils, prismacolor markers
Some styles I draw in: cartoon, I try realistic... uh idk


Most active Animal characters: *will update when i finish the all my character series lol*
Most active Humanoid character: oh idk
  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: OST of many many shiit
  • Reading: Harry potter and the philosopher's stone
  • Watching: Lex
  • Playing: skyrim
  • Eating: Cheese&olive sandwich
  • Drinking: water

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